New York, NY vs. Ormond Beach, FL

April 24, 2009

“Although the story of the ‘Sewer Gator’ in New York City is well known and various versions have been told and built up over the decades, recent reports validate that the stories are much more than urban myth.

A trapper reported an abundance of the reptiles in sewers in Ormond Beach, Florida, as he told WFTV that they were using the sewer to travel through the city after sighting the first one with its tail sticking out from a sewer pipe in October 2005.”



3 Responses to “New York, NY vs. Ormond Beach, FL”

  1. Luke Lockerz Says:

    Hi. I don’t follow many blogs, but yours is of thelittle I follow.Have a superb day!

  2. Sadie Says:

    this is a cool story how brave of the people (:

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