Sewergator Products

April 24, 2009

Rubber New York Sewergator (available at New York gift shops for $8.50 ea.)


“Is it just an urban legend or a does a real-life mutant terrorize New York City at night? The locals claim that deep below the city, a group of massive albino alligator beasts lurk in the labyrinthine recesses of the sewer system. These 24″ hard rubber New York Sewer Gators are the perfect gift for paranoid New Yorkers and conspiracy theorists. Comes with our exclusive manhole item tag with a humorous newspaper blurb reporting the panic surrounding the latest sightings.”

Possible theory: Albino Mutants

Are underground alligators albino mutants?  Could the mutation be a product of genetic defect or determined by environmental factors such as less exposure to sunlight?

Some versions of the legend suggest that sewergators live the majority of their lives in an environment without exposure to sunlight, and thus, in time, lose their eyesight and pigmentation and that the reptile become albino or pure white in color with red eyes.  Another reason why albino alligators would retreat to an underground sewer is because of their vulnerability to the sunlight in the wild.  As there is no dark pigment in the creature’s skin, it has no protection from the sun, which makes it very hard for it to survive in the wild.

The albino alligator, which does in fact exist, has rarely ever been sighted in the wild. The albino alligator got caught up in the urban legend, predominantly because of its scarceness within the wild, because of its color, the bright white and pinkish skin makes it vulnerable to predators as an infant as well as an obvious sight for any source of food it may attempt to collect. The urban legend developed into believing that since these alligators could not survive in the wild because of their color they retreated to the sewers where their unusual skin would not disadvantage them.

The albino story makes the urban legend unique, thus enhancing believability.  Adding distinct details, like the albino mutant theory, gives the legend more credibility.

There have never been any official sightings of this kind of alligator in the New York City metro area.


New York White

“The tale [of the albino mutant sewergator] was well known throughout the United States by the late 1960s, when, according to folklorist Richard M. Dorson, it came to be associated with another icon of sewer lore, the mythical “New York White” — an especially potent, albino strain of marijuana growing wild from seeds spilled out of baggies hastily flushed down toilets during drug raids.  Not that anyone had ever actually seen the stuff, much less smoked it. It was impossible to harvest, you see, because of all the alligators down there.”



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